H+H Software GmbH

Cooperation with EBSCO

EBSCO offers users of its e-resources an alphabetically pre-sorted view ("AtoZ" list) that allows users to easily select and access the e-resources they need. In order to provide all organizations using EBSCO's "AtoZ" list with the specific benefits of HAN, a link between EBSCO's "AtoZ" list and HAN has been implemented.

EBSCO support by HAN

HAN integrates seamlessly with environments that use EBSCO's "AtoZ" list. After simply configuring the EBSCO proxy, EBSCO automatically routes all calls to e-resources launched from the "AtoZ" list through the HAN server. This centralized routing mechanism allows HAN to offer all of its specific advantages, even in conjunction with EBSCO journals, so HAN and EBSCO are not in competition with each other. On the contrary.

HAN extends the capabilities of EBSCO's "AtoZ" list

Here are examples of some of the functions:

  • User authentication / Single-Sign on
  • Password management
  • Finer granular access rights management
  • Access for authorized users also from outside the campus
  • Cross-publisher, uniform, COUNTER-compatible usage statistics
  • License Management
  • Subscription management
  • Inventory