Outstanding features

Have a look at the outstanding features of Hidden Automatic Navigator

Role-based Administration

With HAN's role-based administration feature, you can grant access to various areas of the HAN software on the basis of roles. The following roles are planned:

  • Server administrator (sysadmin):
    A server administrator can access the server directly over RDP and manage the system.
  • HAN administrator:
    HAN administrators can access the components for administration of content (E-Script Administration, etc.) over a locally installed client. No direct access to the server (RDP or UNC) is required.
  • Statistics administrator:
    The statistics administrator has full access to all Statistics program components.

Anonymized Statistical Data

You can have the usage data automatically anonymized according to user-definable rules (volume and period). This makes it impossible to trace individual particular use processes. In this way, HAN meets the requirements of increasingly strict data protection regulations.

Open Web API

The open WebAPI is designed to improve the interaction of HAN with other content management systems, in particular the OPAC catalog system, LinkOut (linking articles to their full texts) and Discovery Services (multi-database searching with links to full texts). Three interfaces will be implemented:

  • Search for an e-journal within the HAN catalog with automatic redirection to the full text with the right reference.
  • Search for an e-script within the HAN catalog to view supplemental information, such as permission settings, number of user licenses available, etc.
  • Extended interface with the option of creating a new e-script if the e-script sought is not found. This can be used to automatically “stock” HAN if there is no EZB connection (e.g., for connections from abroad or for users in industry).

Redesigned Web Statistics Program

DBoth the data processing and the visualization of results is being fundamentally revised. This will make it easier than ever to create the desired data compilations.

The user interface of the Web Statistics program has a more intuitive layout and contemporary look. With the dynamic new HTML 5 technology, statistical reports can even be read on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Additions and Improvements

  • Alphabetical index:
    You can choose the items of e-script information to be shown.
  • System monitor:
    You can set up automated database backups.
  • New 'advanced' level:
    In the E-Script Administration window, you now have the option of editing scripts manually. For example, you can now specify the Java script that initializes automatic login for AJAX-based e-journal access.
  • Help desk:
    You will soon have the option of having HAN display an explanatory text when login fails; e.g., stating that the account is locked or expired. Currently, the error message reports only that login has failed.
  • Caching login data for a specified period:
    If the database server becomes temporarily unavailable, cached login data enables login for users who had been previously logged in at some point during the specified period (failover feature).