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HAN available

Functional enhancements and bugfixing in the current version

The update to HAN is a service release that contains important changes. It is strongly recommended that you install the update as soon as possible.

The following changes and bug fixes are included:

  • New HAN Kernel
    • If the stored script only consists of the start URL and this is called up via the HTTP protocol, then this leads to a URL being called up via HTTPS and port 80 at the same time (the browser mechanism). This results in a blank page. The new HAN kernel therefore always calls up start URLs via HTTPS, regardless of the configured protocol.
    • Script variables can be used to control that replacements are also made in documents that are sent without a mimetype.
    • URLs for document types can be formulated using regular expressions.
    • The placeholder for AJAX logins has been changed to "user@hh-han.com", as some pages check email addresses for validity. The existing placeholders "__user__" and "user@han.com" are still supported.
  • New login services
    • Login via ALMA web interface
    • LBS - Login via PAIA interface. This login method replaces the previous login service LBS Login, which accessed the LBS database directly via the ODBC interface.
  • Revised EZB modules
    • The URL for the ECB synchronization has changed. The setup updates these settings.
    • The synchronization and import mechanism has been optimized in terms of system resources.
  • Secondary HAN server settings
    • In the HAN settings, you can configure whether the FQDN or a pseudonym should be used to access a primary HAN server.
    • In the e-script properties, secondary HAN servers could not be selected if they were configured via the server name and not via the IP. This error has been fixed.

Note: Please also update the HAN client, as some important changes (e.g. the ECB modules etc.) are components of the client. However, the existing version of the client does not force an update.