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Functional enhancements and bugfixing in the current version

The update to HAN 5.6.1 is a service release that contains important changes. It is strongly recommended that you install the update as soon as possible.

New functions:

  • DDOS protection: HAN 5.6.1 includes the module mod_antiloris.
    For compatibility reasons, the module is not activated automatically. For configuration etc. please refer to the following KB article.
  • New task for cleaning up the HAN web service log files: Setup creates a new task that executes a Powershell script at a defined time that compresses log files and automatically deletes old archives. A configuration file can be used to define how long log files should be kept uncompressed (predefined 30 days) and after how many days archives are automatically deleted (predefined 90 days).

Troubleshooting the logging

The change to cookie handling in HAN 5.5.2 for stateless URLs (URLs without cookies) led to an error in logging. Requests without cookies were counted and logged as a separate session. This resulted in two sessions being logged for the same user in such a case. In the first session all requests without cookies were logged and in the second session all other requests were logged.
This error was corrected and a correction program was created.
The program recognizes in the database whether such logging errors have occurred and then corrects these data records. Details can be found in the following KB article.

Please note:

The update to HAN 5.6.1 is purely a server update. It is not necessary to update the clients as no changes have been made to the client components.


Due to the error handling in the statistics, the update and the correction program should be executed before creating annual statistics etc.!