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Functional enhancements and bugfixing in the current version

New functions:

  • Completely revised cookie handling mechanism: The reverse proxy principle affects the handling of cookies in web pages, since when a cookie is called via a reverse proxy, its validity must always be changed so that it refers to the reverse proxy. The new mechanism for handling cookies in HAN ensures that, despite this adjustment, only the cookies from which sIe were originally set are sent to the corresponding providers even more reliably. In addition, per e-script, it is possible to influence the cookies that have been set via Javascript in the end user's browser.
  • Changed mechanism for testing e-scripts: When calling the rest from the script editor or script management, it is necessary to log in with the administrative credentials of the HAN role "e-script administrator". This allows testing of e-scripts independent of the configured login services.


Other changes:

  •  Customization of the Single Sign On interface in the HAN Web API:  In the SSO ticket, credentials can be passed for use in the e-scripts. HAN then performs the login with the provider for this e-script with the transferred data.


Please note:

Customers using the Open ID Connect module must update to HAN 5.6 by 31.10.2023 in order to continue using the module beyond this date. The existing license in the previous HAN versions prevents use beyond 31.10.2023.