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HAN available

The update to HAN is a service release that contains important changes in the processing of URLs. It is strongly recommended to install the update promptly.

The following changes are included:

  • The creation of themtic lists is possible in the "E-script management" role. The settings dialog has therefore been moved to the data editor.
  • Optimization of the login to HAN for URLs without session cookies.
  • Revision of the trace monitor for server-side trace messages.
  • Revision of the HAN Web API: if HAN IDs with invalid characters are sent during a request to the HAN API "Creating and Forwarding" , these characters are replaced by a minus.
  • Optimizations of the HAN Kernel

Note: Please update the HAN client as well, because some important changes (e.g. creating the thematic lists) are components of the client. However, the existing version of the client does not force an update.