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HAN 5.5 available

Functional enhancements and bugfixing in the current version 5.5.0

HAN 5.5 updates core components of the HAN Server:

  • Apache in version 3.4.55 with Open SSL library 1.1.1t
  • MongoDB version 3.4.24
  • current HAN Kernel
  • most recent Open ID Connect module


New functions:

  • Thematic lists: You can now create dynamic A-Z lists in HAN. To do this, you store additional attributes in the properties of the e-scripts and have a list created dynamically based on these attributes.Each list has a fixed ID via which the contents can be retrieved.
  • Named Licenses: You can now assign named licenses to e-scripts in addition to Conccurent licenses. Named licenses can be defined in three ways:
    • Licenses are permanently assigned to users
    • Licenses are dynmaically assigned to users for a defined period of time. E.g. ten persons (ten licenses) are guaranteed a license for 30 days after the first access. Accesses within this period extend the reservation. If no more access takes place from this person, the license is released on the 31st day and is available again for other persons.
    • Combination of fixed and dynamic allocation. For example, of ten licenses, five are assigned to fixed persons and the other five are available dynamically.
  • Login via AJAX supports deep links:The architecture of the login via AJAX has been revised in such a way that even when calling a full text url via HAN, the login is executed automatically first and then the forwarding to the target page takes place. Alternatively, it is possible to store a fixed target page that is automatically called after the login.
  • HAN over HAN: The authentication of the secondary HAN server on the primary HAN server can be defined as an alternative to IP authentication. For this purpose, the FQDN (Full Qualified Domain Name) of the secondary HAN server is stored on the primary HAN server. Authentication takes place via the HTTP header. In the statistics, it is therefore possible to differentiate the accesses of the different users of the secondary server on the primary HAN server in a data protection-compliant manner. In addition, the accesses of the secondary servers can be added automatically via the statistical function of the "cost center".
  • License evaluation: When accessing licensed e-resources, HAN detects whether they have already been accessed by the same user (usually in the same browser). If this is the case, no logon to the provider takes place and no additional license is occupied.
  • Forwarding to original URL if permissions are not fulfilled: In the permissions, it is possible to specify that instead of the information page, an (automatic) forwarding to the original URL without UAN takes place. This enables, for example, access to abstracts, etc. for people who are not authorized to access the full texts.


Other Changes:

  • In the HAN settings, you can specify that the certificate revocation lists are not to be evaluated. This is particularly useful when working with systems in institutions that use their own certificates to examine HTTPS traffic. In these cases it was often necessary to enable the option that invalid certificates are allowed in each e-script. With the new setting this necessity can be omitted.
  • alternative Hash mechnsimus in header authentication.
  • new query options available in e-script management.
  • quick search via short id in e-script management possible.


Please note:

  • Due to the changes in the logic for the Ajax login, e-scripts from HAN 5.5 that contain this configuration are not compatible with older versions. This relates to the import of E-Scripts, that are created with HAN 5.5, in earliere HAN versions.
  • The HAN kernel 5.5 is not compatible with earlier versions!