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HAN 5.2.2 available

The update to HAN 5.2.2 is a service release that contains important changes in the processing of URLs. It is strongly recommended to install the update promptly.

The following changes are included:

  • Change in the processing of stateless URLs: Security requirements in JavaScript frameworks cause regular calls to URLs completely without cookies. In UAN, such calls usually cause a redirection to the login page, etc., and consequently lead to misbehaviour in the internal mechanisms of the websites. In previous versions, there was a list of names for handling these calls. 
    With HAN 5.2.2, HAN also handles these requests statelessly without endangering the security of the system.
  • Optimisation of the calls from Wolters Kluwer Online: Different definitions of session lengths between HAN and WKO could result in pages not being displayed correctly after a HAN session expired and resumed. In cooperation with Wolters Kluwer, a mechanism was developed to prevent these errors. 
  • Updating the Shibboleth integration: Changes in the current Apache version made it necessary to completely revise the configuration of Shibboleth. You can read more about the changes in the following article: 3756.
  • New option in the HAN Web API "Create and forward to HAN URL": The option can be set to check whether an e-script already exists for a given HAN ID.
  • When setting up access to a primary HAN server, an alternative IP address is used if this is stored for the e-script.


Please note:

If you are already using Shibboleth and are not sure if the changes in the Shibboleth configuration are still compatible with the existing settings, please contact us before the update to avoid system failures.

The update does not overwrite the existing configuration file hanshibboleth.conf.


Please note the following if you update to HAN 5.2.2 directly from HAN 5.1.x:

  • The setup first updates the MFC base components. At the end of this step, the HAN server must be restarted before the actual update to HAN 5.2 begins.
  • The HAN Kernel 5.2 is not compatible with HAN 5.1!

For more information about the update to HAN 5.2, please read the following KB article: HAN 5.2 available