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Important Information about the HAN 5 update

Background information on HAN 5 and first steps towards commissioning

Please note:

The update to HAN 5 updates the existing HAN 4 installation. Parallel operation of HAN 4 and HAN 5 on the same server is not possible.

For this reason the setup updates the existing installation to version 5. An essential step of the update is the update of the HAN database. This step cannot be undone.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to make a backup of the HAN database (HAN System Settings/DB Configuration/Security) and then a system backup (e.g. Windows Server Backup) before updating to HAN 5. This is the only way to restore the existing HAN 4 installation (in case of error). Uninstalling HAN 5 does not restore this state.

Prerequisite for the update is HAN 4.5.x, earlier HAN installations cannot be updated.

The update to HAN 5 first uninstalls the HAN 4 components before the actual installation of HAN 5. During the course of the setup the server is therefore rebooted.

A part of the existing installation directories of HAN 4 will be saved and renamed to "Bin_v4" (...\HHH\HAN\Bin_v4). Part of this directory is the folder "htdocs_user" with the user-specific adjustments of the HTML pages. Please note that the pages cannot be automatically transferred to the HAN 5 installation.

Please note that there is currently no manual included in this release.


IMPORTANT: To run HAN 5, the execution of signed PowerShell scripts must be allowed on the server!

Information about Powershell ExecutionPolicies can be found in the following KB article from Microsoft: About Execution Policies


First steps for the commissioning of HAN 5

After installation, HAN 5 must first be enabled. In the license account you can migrate the existing activation to HAN 5. Then download the license file and activate HAN 5.

Afterwards, HAN can be fully used on the server.

After the server update the HAN client on the workstations must be updated to HAN 5. When the client is started, it is automatically forwarded to the download page for the HAN client.

Alternatively, you can start the setup on the computers on which the client is to be updated via the URL (stands for the FQDN of the HAN server, e.g. HANserver.domain.com)

http://[server]/client setup/client.html

download and execute.

When you start the client, you must log in with one of the accounts created.


HAN 5 uses a new database engine. The conversion of the HAN database is not done automatically during the setup. Please execute the corresponding steps manually after the installation. 

In the HAN Toolbox, users of the role "HAN Administrators" will be informed about the necessary conversion if it has not yet been performed. A link to an information page describes the individual steps necessary for the conversion.

The update to HAN 5 can be carried out independently by you as a customer. You will receive the download link via the local HAN 4 installation.

Alternatively you have the option of having HAN 5 installed by H + H as part of remote service or as an on-site project (including on-site instruction).

Further information on HAN 5 is available from the HAN 5 workshop or a 2-hour instruction session (fixed price 250 € incl. VAT). Please contact Mr. Frank Büermann (frank.bueermann@hh-software.com) if you have questions regarding the introduction or an update on site.

We recommend that you carry out the update yourself only after attending a HAN workshop or the short briefing.